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This is the first medical inquiry on the internet, as far as we know, conceveid by POSITIFS Association, in the only interest of seropositive persons, and independly of any lobby. This inquiry is of the highest importance, as it should allow to establish a relatively exhaustive assessment of the different treaments now used by seropositive patients, evaluate their comparative efficiency, and if possible open the way to a treatment reduction.

It is scientifically correct to admit that efficient antiretroviral therapies must be maintained for life (or at least seven years, on the basis of mathematical models). An interruption of the treatment could rapidly lead to an increase of the viral load. This fact is reported in some rare articles of the literature, and is coherent with the stop before term of the intermittent assay 5-0-5 of Dr J. Leibowitch. However, numerous cases, not always anecdotal, indicate that some seropositive patients could stop their antiretroviral therapy, without consequence neither on the viral load, nor on the CD4 count. On the other hand, it is incontestable that any reduction of the antiretroviral posology induces resistances, possibly leading to therapeutical failure. This inquiry aims at collecting as many informations as possible, concerning the effects of a momentary, repeated or definitive stop of the antiretroviral treatment, on the development of the HIV infection. Because of the heterogeneity of the clinical and biological evolution of the disease, and of the heterogeneity of the responses to the treatments, according to the individuals, we would like to obtain as many answers as possible, in order to make a statistical treatment, that could lead to lightened treatments protocoles, classical or classical-alternative, and target the seropositive persons who could beneficiate of this treatment, with a minimal risk.

The result of this inquiry will be presented in the next international conferences, and on our web site.