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Xavier Bazin from the journal « Santé Corps Esprit » alerted me to an unexpected treatment effective in the prevention and treatment of COVID with success rates of up to 100% in some trials. It is amazing that our experts are so illiterate not to have heard of the very many published works. It signals corruption at the highest level to indebt us to the benefit of vaccine manufacturers and kill our economy. Indeed this miracle product, ivermectin( trade mark Stromectol), used for the treatment of scabies, costs € 8 a box, is still available over the counter and makes the vaccine useless. Here is the article by Xavier Bazin:

                   Covid: all scientific evidence shows the effectiveness of ivermectin

December 16, 2020 59


Dear friend of Health, The scene took place in front of the United States Senate on December 8. A great resuscitator, Dr Pierre Kory, has passionately explained that there is a « miraculous » treatment for Covid-19. After giving all the scientific evidence, he apologized for the astonishing silence on this effective drug. « I don’t know how long I’m going to last, knowing that there will be unnecessary deaths from now on, when there is a solution immediately available » [1]. And indeed, as you will see, the solution of which he speaks is neither more nor less « miraculous ». But before we talk to you about it, we must remember one thing. Even before this drug, the epidemic could be contained with the protocol I have often told you about: For prevention, for everyone, every day: 4,000 IU of vitamin D, 300 mg of magnesium, and a multivitamin supplement containing 500 mg of vitamin C, 500 mg of quercetin, 20 mg of zinc, 50 μg of selenium and 50 μg of vitamin K2-MK7; For treatment, from the first symptoms: the same nutrients as for prevention but with higher dosages [2], as well as Professor Raoult’s protocol for vulnerable people (hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin); In the event of hospitalization: continue with previous nutrients and treatments, but now take a special form of vitamin D3 which works immediately (calcifediol) [3], as well as 3 to 10 mg of melatonin at bedtime (a potentially valuable anti-inflammatory against cytokine storm, and which promotes restful sleep in a difficult context in the hospital); In case of intensive care: in addition to usual care, the Marik protocol based on a corticosteroid (methylprednisolone) and infusions of vitamin B1 and vitamin C [4]. Instead, here’s what we still do and recommend in the Western world today: In prevention: nothing; In early treatment: paracetamol in self-medication; In hospital treatment / intensive care: paracetamol, corticosteroids and oxygenation (and, as the case may be, other conventional drugs such as antibiotics, anticoagulants, etc.). And it is quite simply criminal. With the « right » protocol (a sort of « mix » between that of the IHU in Marseille and that of a group of American doctors [5]), it was clear that the epidemic could be brought under control overall, with very little dead. (Without even speaking here of promising but little scientifically tested remedies, such as a nasal spray of propolis, simple herbal teas of thyme and rosemary, certain essential oils (ravintsara, cajeput, noble laurel) or even powerful plants such as Artemisia Annua and Lake Baikal Skullcap.) There are immediate and effective solutions, and we don’t want to talk about them. But the problem was, it was difficult to prove it definitively. Certainly, there are dozens of scientific studies, in particular on the Raoult protocol and vitamin D, which clearly show that the risk-benefit of these treatments is extremely favorable. But people of bad faith could still quibble over such and such a study, and continue to demand the God Vaccine as the only solution to the crisis. This is no longer the case. Because there is now a drug, ivermectin, which has been shown to be effective beyond any scientific doubt, even for people of bad faith! If you add this medicine to the protocol described above, you have no more epidemics overnight. Because this drug works: In prevention: it works better than the best vaccines; In early treatment: it has a demonstrated anti-viral effect; In hospital treatment: it even has an anti-inflammatory effect! I know this may sound unbelievable. But all the evidence is there. The beautiful story of a retirement home in France Before going into the details of the studies, I must tell you the story of this retirement home



The beautiful story of a retirement home in France

Before going into the details of the studies, I must tell you the story of this retirement home in Seine-et-Marne which miraculously escaped the damage of Covid-19. The story was published in a scientific journal, so it is not a fairy tale [6]. It started off badly, with a person from the nursing home hospitalized with « scabies ». Three other residents were also infected with this rare disease. Immediately, the classic protocol is applied: all residents and caregivers receive ivermectin, indicated to prevent and cure scabies. But we were also in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, and 7 out of 69 residents tested positive for the coronavirus. And yet, despite an average age of 90 among the positive cases, no resident has died from Covid-19, and only one has had to be treated with oxygen. It’s quite spectacular, 0 deaths, when we know that the mortality was 5% in nursing homes next door! This is a very positive signal for ivermectin, in prevention and in treatment! And this is confirmed by studies.

Hyper-effective in prevention: no positive case among Argentinian caregivers! In prevention, ivermectin works at least as well as the best vaccines. The biggest prevention study came from Argentina, with spectacular results [7]. There, 1,200 nursing staff were separated into two groups: A group of 800 people received 12 milligrams of ivermectin, once a week for several months (+ a nasal spray); A group of 400 people received nothing. Well, quite amazingly, NO caregivers who received ivermectin tested positive for Covid-19, compared to 236 caregivers in the other group !! That’s a 100% success rate, with 0 people infected on one side, versus 58% of people infected on the other!

In Egypt, the results were a little less spectacular, but extremely positive. Here too, the nursing staff were separated into two groups [8]: 100 caregivers received a high dose of ivermectin on days 1 and 7; 100 caregivers received nothing. The result: there were 5 times less contamination in the group that received ivermectin (only 2 caregivers compared to 10). Another randomized study, also in Egypt [9], showed an almost 90% decrease in the number of infections in family members of a Covid-19 patient, when they received ivermectin rather than nothing at all. In India, a retrospective study observed a 75% reduction in the number of people infected with Covid-19, thanks to ivermectin [10]. In total, researchers have observed that countries that use ivermectin to prevent parasites have significantly fewer positive cases for Covid-19 than others [11]. The effect is even clearer when we look at the autonomous regions within the same country which distributed ivermectin compared to the others.

Thus, in Brazil, the cities of Itajai, Macapa and Natal have massively distributed ivermectin, with much better results than in the surrounding cities [12]! In treatment: 40 to 90% reductions in mortality! The spectacular effectiveness observed in prevention is also confirmed in early treatment.

The largest randomized study was done in Bangladesh (yes, poor countries are doing useful studies while rich countries have tested ineffective remdesivir at 2,000 euros). In this study, all the patients received an antibiotic (azithromycin or doxycycline), but those who received ivermectin in addition were much more likely to recover quickly [13].

In another study from Iraq, all patients were treated with the elements of the effective protocol described above, including vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and azithromycin – further evidence that one is often better treated in patients. poorer countries than in the West. Unsurprisingly, with this effective protocol, all patients came out without a hitch. But those who received ivermectin recovered on the 6th day, compared to the 12th day for others! [14] In fact, when doctors use ivermectin, the results are obvious.

Chiapas, a small region of Mexico, has decided to treat the population with ivermectin, against official recommendations. The result: this region has seen a drop in the number of cases and deaths linked to Covid, while the rest of Mexico was still suffering from the damage of the epidemic [15]! And the benefits of ivermectin have been confirmed in hospital patients. In total, there are 4 randomized inpatient studies, with excellent results each time.

The most recent comes from Iran, which observed 3% mortality with ivermectin, compared to 19

And to complete, there is at least one hospital that saved the West’s honor by taking an interest in ivermectin. Doctors in Florida, USA, afterwards compared patients treated with ivermectin and others, and found a marked decrease in mortality [17].

The incredible example of Paraguay to conclude And if you were still in doubt, take a look at what happened in Paraguay instead. A small autonomous region, Alto Parana, decided last September to massively distribute ivermectin. To avoid being reprimanded by state authorities, this region has pretended to want to launch a major fight against parasites (see how far censorship and absurdity go!). A total of 30,000 boxes of ivermectin had been distributed within a few weeks, and by October 15, the epidemic had largely disappeared! Instead, see the results for this region (in blue) compared to the results for other regions of Paraguay [18]: In short, ivermectin works, beyond all hope.

And now watch what the WHO and the Western authorities are going to do. My prediction: NOTHING AT ALL, despite the accumulation of scientific evidence. As they did nothing to promote the very effective vitamin D. As they did everything to demonize Professor Raoult’s protocol. Very recently, a courageous association appealed to the Administrative Court of Paris to force Olivier Véran to request a temporary recommendation for use (RTU) for ivermectin against Covid-19 [19]. In vain. I am afraid that nothing can be expected of our authorities, who are intellectually or financially corrupt. But YOU can act. So take this message around. And if you have a vulnerable loved one sick with Covid-19, tell them to ask their doctor for ivermectin, in addition to other essential natural nutrients. It could save his life. Healthy, Xavier Bazin AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook Share to TwitterShare to EmailShare to PrintShare to More options …


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By carrying out an exhaustive study of scientific publications, our association observes that 4 therapeutic approaches to COVID are validated :

Vitamin D: 43 studies, 76% efficacy (p = 0.00049)

Zinc: in combination with HCQ + Azithromycin Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + Azithromycin: 208 studies, early stage efficacy 65% (p = 0.0005)

Ivermectin: 41 studies, 87% efficacy (p = 0.00052) Ivermectin has been seen in an impressive number (41) of studies! It acts on the spike of the envelope. THIS IS A DRUG CHEMICAL VACCINE. And ivermectin comes in a sustained-release form, which means you don’t have to take it every day Undisputed reference of 2020 Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 SpikeReceptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2 by STEVEN LEHRER, and PETER H. RHEINSTEIN, in vivo34: 3023-3026,2020