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18 Nov 2015 . Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, Paris

TRAN Guy Mong Ky

Retired, Public Health (Agence Régionale de Santé Auvergne Rhône-Alpes), Hospital Hôtel Dieu, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE. Correspond: 31 Avenue du Bois 92290 Chatenay Malabry. E-mail: Phone:+33 9 81 89 38 70.

BACKGROUND Multiple sclerosis (MS)-like demyelinating encephalomyelitis was reported after Gardasil vaccination. Marie Oceane Bourguignon, a very severe case of post-Gardasil MS, was infected by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) with EBNA-1 antibodies. The best model of MS was the outbreak in Faroe Islands, with British Troops dogs. Borrelia can infect dogs. The ANSM September 2015 report was flawed by a bad protocole which arbitrarily excluded the 3rd dose vaccinated patients for a third of patients, the auto-immune prone patients and those who have received vaccine injection before the start of the protocole. Namely, all the MS-like were excluded.

METHODS We compared the amino acid (AA) sequences of the 9 HPV (types 16, 18, 6, 11, 31, 33, 45, 52, 59) L1 with Myelin Basic Protein (MBP). The CerebroSpinal Fluid (CSF) epitope in Faroe MS (Rohowsky-Kochan C, 1995) was compared to Borrelia Garinii Far04 (Far=Faroe).

RESULTS L1 of HPV-, HPV-11,-6  is homologous to MBP [citrullinated R induces a fulminant MS (Wood DD, 1996)] encephalitogenic in the monkey (Karkhanis YD, 1975), to Borrelia Garinii, to canarypox (arrest of anti-Aids vaccine for myelitis) (Tran MKG, 2005), to vaccinia virus 42K-like  (Jahnke U,1985), to measles virus (SSPE encephalitis), to Theiler’s virus capside, to EBV BRLF1


In HPV-6, -11 L1, there is a Glutamine Q, replacing Arginine R: This replacement R→ Q is equivalent to a citrullinated Arginine, namely is aggravating MS.

There is a very strong molecular homology of 15 AA length between Borrelia Garinii Far04 valyl tRNA synthetase, the epitope found in Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) of Faroe Islands MS patients and encephalitogenic MBP (Whitaker JN, 1990) read in retro inverso.

This implicated very clearly Borrelia (Lyme disease) and not Canine Distemper Virus (Cook SD) as the culprit of Faroe Islands MS outbreak. Puffin ticks are the Borrelia reservoir. A review of the historical links between Lyme disease and MS is available on Vaughter S. Blewett M, 2006, 2012.

CONCLUSION We propose Citrulline (pumpkin soup) as an alicament of MS. Gardasil may be dangerous in patients infected by EBV or Borrelia Burgdorferii sensu lato (B. Garinii). In Germany, there is 2 millions of patients infected by Borrelia and the epidemics continues to grow. Chronic neuroborreliosis is very difficult to diagnose and is generally overlooked, because the current test is completely unliable (35% sensibility) and prone to very frequent false negative errors. The correct test must be antigenically complete, supplied by a very specialized competent laboratory (Shaller V). The treatment is long with violent Herxheimer’s reaction and antibiotics (Doxycycline, Rocephine, Azithromycine) must be supplemented by vitamin C [acerola (Raymond P)], Flagyl (to dissolve the kysts), colloidal silver and detoxification (Chronimed). Co-infections (Babebiosis) must be detected and treated (Horowitz R). Denmark must be particularly careful about Gardasil and now Gardasil 9, despite European Medicines Agency denial, because Denmark has endemic non diagnosed neuroborreliosis. Japan and India has stopped Gardasil

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Acknowlegments to Capriani A, President of the Association Positifs,